Monday, September 27, 2010

Favorite Moments For Forever..

Some photos require no explanation... tho to most they seem nothing special,
to me they are and probably will be forever some of my favorite photos ever taken.

moments like these (max wearing my shoes and puckering his lips) are what I think ill miss the most when he grows up... my sweet little boy who knows no better right now then to try and be like mommy.
Probably five min later he was outside rolling in the mud so I have no insecurities sharing this photo... but Shhh dont tell daddy :)

For not much longer it will be just the three of us and I can't wait to meet the adorable little boy who right now just settles for keeping me up nights doing flips in my tummy. I'm so excited to have two little brothers. I hope they play together love together and share everything. Altough at the same time im not sure how if I cant keep up with the energy of one, how ill be able to handle 2. Give me strength, because there is no backing out now!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Black with White Stripes

Max had Saturday off and all week I was contemplating what I thought we should do with this sweet precious time?!?1
Max is loving animals and I have been wanting so badly to go see the Wildlife Zoo ... so off we went...

Big Max- "So where is this place?"
Me - "Umm... Just hop on the 60 to the 10 and go for a little while."
Big Max- "Hmm... uh Amy, whats a little while?
Me- "Uh Like Litchfield Rd or something like that?"
Big Max- "What?!?! Amy do you have any idea how far that is? What does the mapquest prediction say?"
Me - "Oh yeah about and hour! I love you sweetie!"
Big Max - {A roll of his big blue eyes and a grin...and 1 hour later we were parking!!!}

{Disclaimer}:-I know max doesn't look very excited in the pictures... but he LOVED it! He just was very distracted by people and animals! And I could not believe how close we got to all the animals!! Amazing!

By the end of the trip... we were down one shoe...about 100 fishies (shhh...we fed them to the animals) one bottle of sunscreen and what had to be about 15 refills of the sippy cup, and all the energy little max had. It was naptime and the min we walked out of the park... he made it known he was out for the count.

What a fun filled Saturday. Im not about to be Bustin out 50 Bucks to head there again anytime soon. Thats for sure... or atleast not till Little Max can appreciate it! So if you havent been... its fun!
Have a wonderful day! I know I did!!

p.s. - this is max's favorite new spot to go. kinda scary for me but so cute.. I couldn't help but snap a picture.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

The case of the Little Red Dots!

You heard it!
Max got the chicken Pox!

It all started... when I got home from Mexico and he had a temp. Then it went into a Rash which we believe to have been Rosiola.
Then the day that disappeared, little red dots started popping up!

So it was a BIG Welcome home mommy!!
Good thing I got some rest because there was none to be had for the 2 weeks after I got back. But I dont mind at all.... as far as bad goes... he was actually pretty happy. So here is a picture from the chicken pox... you cant see any.. but they are kinds gross looking anyway so this is a good one.

So happy to be over them!

On a happier note! I am so happy to come home and be greeted by the sunshine because it is doing such wonderful things for my garden! Not long now and we will be feasting like Organic Kings and Queens!

Err... okay I didnt plant enough for any full meals but mmm... I cant wait!
Here is whats growing in our garden...





Green Beans and Cucumbers as well!

Yay for things actually growing! Cant wait for next year!
Hopefully I can get a few more boxes done!

Monday, April 5, 2010

He's 1

So Max is 1 Finally!
So we let him dig in a sweet cake made by yours truly... if you couldn't tell and he got lots of presents from lots of people who love him + a sweet quad which he cant really steer yet but he loves to go on!!
I have heard the first year is hardest so I now look forward to a lot of fun more times with our little rascal.

Sunday, February 7, 2010

The case of the Courtesy Laugh...

I love when my mom comes over to play... and its even better when she brings little Donna for Max to play with! We always have so much fun playing that Donna is in tears while leaving...
I thought we would capture this time!

There is a park about 4 houses down by my house with swing, slides, sand... *the works*. And even though Max can't fully appreciate the entire park... Im sure he would be completely satisfied to swing always and forever!!

The best part by far is that Max was having so much fun.. and screaming and laughing at grandma prettending she was going to tickle his feet... that Donna pulls out her Courtesy Laugh. Yes... She is what... like 18 Months Old and can Courtesy Laugh almost better than anyone I know ( Besides my Sister'n Law Ashley.... love you ash!! catch you everytime). So Donna Is busting out her whinny's and Chuckles... and it was fabulous. Made for good laughs which are the best with your mom.

I have discovered my mom to be my best girlfriend! And I know its true because When I went into my Frequent Calls List... she was at the top by a long shot... more than even Max! I love her... we talk several times a day and if I could make her go everywhere with my I would. She gives me strength tough love and everything that a best friend should give! So she is... THE BEST.

How freakin Cute! Now we just need Ryder and Lily... We miss them!! Have a wonderful week!

Amy and the Max's

Monday, February 1, 2010

im such a copy cat...

I love love taking pictures of little Max in Big Max's Clothes
or Look-a-likes for photos.
But without thinking the other Day I got this!

I guess we know where little max gets his good looks!

And these are some scrubbs Max wore when he was little. The elastic is worn out so ill have to replace it But he is so dang cute!

I love my two Handsome Boys.

Today is our 2 Year Anniversary...and what are we doing to celebrate...
Dad went to work , Mommy is at home, and our washer Broke It looks like we have a date tonight with the repair man! Oh so romantico! Who knows though... Sometimes Max has something up his sleeve... We shall see! Even if its watching a movie and snuggling with my man.. I could'nt be happier. Marriage is Crazy.. Ill be the first to admit it. But I think its because you just love each other to darn much and care to much. No matter what the disagreement I find myself thinking... whats the point? Were not even going to care about this a couple hours from now. And everytime that happens It just Reassures me that our love is real..and that we can make it through anything if we work hard together. Heres to eternity..

Other great news... I love my sister'n law Megan because while at the thrift store the other day she called and told me that Goodwill (on its half off Saturday) Had a Jogging stroller for sale for $25!

Being in the worst shape of my life and feeling like I have absolutly no time to do anything about it... this was completely refreshing! And call me crazy but rainy season is my favorte to be outside in. I dont know why, but If I could just have it sprinkle every morning I would be out there jogging everyday just to be outside where everything feels fresh and you can smell wet pavement! Ugh I love it!
It always makes me feel like Im back in Hawaii jogging on the Kam' Highway. What I would do to jog on that highway again. Who knows maybe someday.

Once Max gets His Lineman card he can get a job realisticly anywhere in the world. We can go to Europe, South America, Hawaii... I hope we do! How fun it would be!
Well anyway... for now Ill save my pennies... Ill make it there again someday and it will be 100times better because Ill be with my family, and nothing makes a trip better that having the people you love with you to enjoy it!

So thats it for today! Here's what else has been goin on...

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Sadie Lady and Sum

So ...we adopted a littel girl!
She is a chocolate lab...
and we names her Lexi...
but it sounded too much like Maxie

So She is Sadie!

She is great with max and we love her!
Thanks to Morgan Crozier for helping us find her!

a long awaited reunion for me.
I rode Hippy for the first time since before I was Prego!
So needless to say I was Exctatic and took the opportunity to put max on a horse for the first time and whats better, Marc and Donna came over so it was so much fun and a wonderful day! Words cant describe how much I have missed riding those animals! Plus its a good workout (no-mater how much max laughs at me for thinkin so). anyone who has done so much as a trot on a horse knows they feel it the next day! So yeah!

So its just playin and hanging out as usual over here at the Germaine House.
Max and I play Monopoly Deal atleast once a day and kinda count it as out "date" time! Love that game, so addicting! Fun things happening soon! That's to date! Check back soon for more fun!

- Max Amy & Maxie Jr