Monday, April 5, 2010

He's 1

So Max is 1 Finally!
So we let him dig in a sweet cake made by yours truly... if you couldn't tell and he got lots of presents from lots of people who love him + a sweet quad which he cant really steer yet but he loves to go on!!
I have heard the first year is hardest so I now look forward to a lot of fun more times with our little rascal.


  1. How fun! What an awesome cake! And it is true the first year is the longest and hardest! He looks so big on that quad!

  2. That cake is darling... good work Amos! Looks like you had a year of success. Happy (late) Birthday Max Mckay. We can't wait to play with you guys.


    p.s. are you doing swimming lessons this summer? Hali and I were thinking about doing the parent/child classes at Taylor. But my cousin is also teaching at the Ashby's pool, so we might do that. You probably have plans, but let me know if you are interested!