Friday, May 29, 2009

Our trip to Prescott, AZ

I have never been to Prescott Arizona and never had the desire to visit, but now I cant wait to go back! We went for Max's little brothers baseball tournament we got a chance to drive around town alot and I think it is the most adorable place ever! All the restaurant's and stores are in vintage old homes or hotels and I have never seen more antique stores in my life! Sound interesting to anyone? I want to plan a trip back sometime this summer!?
Anyway the games were entertaining but I have to admit with Max's parents first time Grandparent's, the focus shifted just a little bit to Little Max. With two games a day the cold nights and the way too windy days, max was held, cuddled and shielded the entire time in their arms. Ha I think the only times I got to hold him were when I fed him. He did so well though, slept entire nights and some the entire weekend.
All around a good experience for his first little road trip!

stoppin in for some shade

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Dunlap disease

Weighed in last week at 15lbs 10oz and three months old now, Daddy says little max has already got a pretty bad case of "Dunlap Disease" Because his belly DUN LAP over his jeans. He is getting so chubby! It is so fun! His clothes sure aren't fitting very long. At a month and a half his body is so long he is fitting into 3-6 month clothes... he is growing too fast!

Max Mckay Germaine Jr

Max Mckay 'aka' little max, came three weeks early but to every ones satisfaction. At a whopping 9lbs 11oz and 21 inches long, coming early was not such a bad thing. He was ready. about 11 the night before labor began... nothing serious though so I went to bed and when max woke up the next morning around 4:30 to go to work I woke up, showered and got ready to go stop by the hospital to check it out and make sure it was the real deal. He helped me into the car and put my bag in the trunk and I was off, promising to call him immediately when I knew what was going on. So I arrived at the hospital and after checking in they said my water had broke and I was ready to go. So they put my in a room and I made the call to Max, My mom, and his mom. 
Contractions began... once I was dilated to about a 7 I decided to have an epidural, due to the fact that I have never broken a bone or had stitches we didn't know how I would handle the pain and it turn out the epidural was completely necessary so my blood pressure stayed a good place for the baby! So I took a short nap and at noon Dr Huish said its time to start gettin ready!

  I had timed it perfect so I could still feel enough to know how it felt to get that baby here! And exactly one hour later Little Max arrived!! Boy was it exhausting but also the most amazing thing in the world! The moment they lifted him and put him on my stomach and I heard that first cry it was surreal, my eyes teared up and I new I could never love anything more. Then  I turned and looked up at daddy max my heart just dropped! He was tearing up and  just staring at his little son with a look of aw and I fell in love with him all over again! I knew right there our lives would never be the same!
Little max stopped crying quickly and started to suck his thumb almost immediately and he opened his big eyes and stared up at the lights. with all the flashes and big blurs I'm sure it was a little more than overwhelming. The next 48 hrs were exciting! He was a hungry boy... almost every hour and a half on the dot he ate and ate and ate. then we slept, visitors, eating, sleeping.. ect. 

Max stayed at the hospital with me and never left my side unless I needed something. He was so sweet and showed what real love is, that's for sure! I think overall people scared me so much that it was what I would call not a bad labor. It was almost like a weird dream and you just never wake from it! Thank heaven for mothers though. They save your life post delivery. Between my mommy and my husband they saved my life! I don't think I would have been able to make it without them. I love my mom and appreciate so much more what moms go through. Little max Truly is a miracle. I wouldn't trade him for the world! I love him so much and am so lucky to have this amazing spirit in my home! Im so excited, I think we will  keep him oh maybe just for Eternity.

A Dream Come True

Who knew that dreams actually do come true! Married to the love of my life, and so blessed to have such a perfect little boy in our lives, MIRACLES HAPPEN! I witness them daily and look forward to so many more. Every day when I wake up to my sweetheart kissing me goodbye about to be on his way to work and telling me he loves me "the most"and cant wait to come home to see us I already know I have it perfect! But then to add to it every morning I hear little Max waking up, I sneak in his room because I love to watch him when he doesn't know I'm their and he looks up and around with the biggest blue eyes and the second he sees me he gets the cutest big smile on his face with these dimples that send the sweetest feeling straight to my heart every time, I know that I am completely loved and realize being a wife and mother is the greatest thing I will ever do in my life! I am so lucky! Bliss! Can it get any better than this? Its impossible to imagine it ever could be.. So blessed to have two wonderful family's supporting us and to have such amazing friends all around us.. I love my family, life is a dream come true.