Tuesday, June 30, 2009


Such a fun Day!! My cousin Amanda use to work at a kids photo shop so I called her up and we made a date! I was so anxious and nervous that he was going to throw a fit or just rebel and not smile... but I could not believe how well he did! He kept smiling and sitting still! Unbelievable 
The entire shoot I just wanted to pick him up and play with him! I could barely stand it! These are just a few of my favorites!! I could stare at them all day long, but I have the real deal I get to look at and play with!! What a sweet little boy... can you see his Dimples?
 Uh... I just want to kiss and hug him! In the end they had a few shots left so had me jump in! Didn't plan on it.. but its so fun to have a good picture with him!
P.s. His laugh is by the way hilarious, not quite a laugh yet. More like a big smile and a screaming with joy and suckin in air noise... ha okay I cant describe it fully... in one word.. Adorable!!! He was doing it the whole shoot... What a little entertainer! Good job Max!

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Tired little tike!

One minute were playing the next he was out... head just dropped to the side! Guess it was a 
little exhausting for him ! 

I cant imagine how babies are comfortable half the time with many of the ways they sleep. How he did not have the worst neck ache I have no idea... but he looked so darn cute we had to get a picture or two...okay lets be honest ... what mom wouldnt take at the least ten (hello, one from every angle)! Sweet little Max! Love him so much!