Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Moments to Love

These are moments I love.. Walking up stairs and finding my two sweethearts asleep on our bed! I could sit and watch this forever..

This Holiday Vacation has given us lots of time to spend with daddy and little Max is eating it up!
Max is Golfing Every Day and He loves it and So I love it...
mmmkay so maybe I get a little jealous... Cuz to play a round of golf takes like 5 hours...

But he loves it so im happy for him! Then we get to play with him all the rest of the day!
Well sometimes we go with him! Little Max loves the golf cart. He is like a little puppy sticking his head out into the wind! Its fun! But hopefully this week we will get lots of photos and ill have lots to blog about!

Until then...
Happy Blogging

Love, Amy and the Maxes

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Unexpected happenings

So apparently....

I'm a bad Blogger!
Haha and after many comments outside the blogging world about it, I have decided as one of my new years resolutions... ill be better. I promise!

First off I would like to Introduce my newest little Nephew! Came about a month early... some say its the curse of my mom planning baby shower type events... whatever it is, he was ready to be here and we could'nt be happier!

Driggs Allen LeBaron

He is so sweet! And apparently a great sleeper... Megan has great sleepers... im jealous!
But very happy for her :)

So we had a little luncheon planned for her and the sisters and moms and had some yummy soup and rolls. It is so fun to see people at get togethers.. and so nice to have some time to have Adult conversations besides the usual baby talking I do most of my days now(well except for when Max gets home.).. but lets be honest, what husband wants their wife to go on and on about nothing? Not mine.. so yeah its nice!!

Another unexpected but not so happy happening... was that ONE hour after this photo was taken... the house looked like....(scroll down)


The entire top story is gone besides the shell and what wasnt ruined from the fire... was ruined from the water and Smoke Damage!

This was the place Max and I called home for the first 6 months of our marriage! Well in the apartment above the garage!

How sad huh! They had lived there for oh I think a little over 25 years and had just remodeled and from personal experience let me tell you...

It was the cutest home inside you had ever seen!!

I would just dream about my house looking the way this one did! Debbie has such cute style and taste and such a unique eye for antiques and colors..
It breaks my heart. But who am I to talk. I dont even live there! Well all things are taken care of now... and they are figuring most things out. Monty and Debbie are being positive and looking it as an excuse to just fix all the little things they would have changed if they could!
Well I know Christmas just passed, but I will do a separate post about that when I get a little more free time...

I guess Writing in my Journal and being a good blogger cant both happen... and I am more faithful to my journal. But thats how it should be right? Anyway! Love you all! Talk to you later!

Love, Amy and The Max's