Saturday, October 24, 2009

I have a dream...

Oh how Max and I want to go back and visit Portugal
I want to meet the people he taught, see he places he lived, eat the food he ate, and walk the streets he walked! I want to be in the place that built within my husband all the love and knowledge he has of the church
Someday... a girl can dream right? Who knows... maybe much later in life we will be sent as a couple to serve? Wouldn't that be amazing!

If I had to choose one of the best things my Dad ever gave me, it would be sharing with us his kids his love for the country he served in and showing us just what that meant to be 100% in the service of others and the amazing feeling that overcomes you.
To serve a mission... now that would take hard work and sacrifice. Unconditional Love, and a steadfast testimony. I can't imagine 2 years! 2YEARS! The first time I went to Peru, we were there for 2 Weeks, and I was still sobbing at the end!  I remember Immediately arriving home and getting a big bucket to place out in the family room that had the writing "Amy's Peru Fund, accepting donations :)". I wanted to be back there RIGHT THEN! 

Taking us down to Peru on humanitarian trips was no "Vacation" as they say.
My parents could have used the money to take us anywhere else, Disneyland, Mexico, California... any hot spot vacation... but instead they took us to the middle of the Swampy, bug infested, no ice, always super hott with like 98% humidity, nobody speaking English, not a car in sight, no t.v. no heated water, only carbonated water, most awesome, amazing , humble, grateful, and fun place I have ever been.  They gave us one of the greatest gifts a parent can give, a lesson and shared love for service. Something I never will forget.

And the memory I will keep always with me, after building the k-12 school bathrooms for the school for the first time ever, the school threw a thank you ceremony for us involving cultural dancing, food, speeches and thank you's.  After all was said and done the people of this little town were allowed to come and thank us and give us hugs, and I 
 will never forget... this little girl about 7 or 8 came to me with open arms, greeted me with a kiss on each cheek and in barely understandable English with a tear in her Eye said "Thank you" and then she handed me two things... a scrunchie hair tie, and an old beat up worn out stuffed animal with a pull string that no longer worked. I tried to give them back to her and she refused. She was so sincere. I had never seen that look in someoned eyes. I had never been a part of something that impacted someone so completely. With another hug and a goodbye she walked away. I cant even explain the feelings I had, This little girl who had NOTHING, was giving me all she had. I was completely stunned. Why cant I do that? Why cant I give all I have! I have a long way to go in life and many lessons to learn. No way am I even close, but I hope to always keep that little girl in my heart and remember to give whenever I can and pass it along to my children. 
Someday I hope we can have the same experiences with our kids. There is so much love in service. You cant help but feel it anytime you help someone. Who even needs to go far away? There is enough tradgedy going on right here! 

 Max and I will make it over to Portugal! Hope its sooner than later, but either will be fine.

"Blessed are they who can Give without Remembering, and Receive without Forgetting"

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Reflection for a great reunion!

Sooo... excited for this weekend. Why? you ask..

because for the first time since my wedding my entire family, brothers sisters nieces and nephews and parents will all be gathering at our cabin this weekend! And I am so excited! It will be so fun watching Ryder and Donna play and Max and Lily interact! To tell you the truth I miss the most my brothers and little Brooke bein away!

I remember all growing up I wanted to do everything with my brothers! I wanted to follow them, do the same things the were doing, I always tied to act like the "cool" little sister so they would let me hang around when their came over...even as far as to go to the gym with them every morning at 4:00 am on school days and let Milo feed me Protein Shakes (Yuck...)
They were always such great examples to me and still are! I can remember countless nights where Marc and I would sit up and talk about our Dilemmas he had become my best friend and im not sure he ever even knew it! When they all (even Marc) ended up moving to Provo for school and then went on missions I wondered if it would ever be the same again I was so sad. Then I graduated and Bam... I promise I was up there about every other week for the first few months! And I was right... It all had changed.
But it was in a good way! I was an Adult and they treated me like one! Ha kinda embarrassing but I still felt like that little girl who just wanted to be around my cool older brothers.

My favorite was when Marc came back from his mission. Megan was still around when he got home and they obviously started hittin it off right away.
It was so awesome... Just like old times. Marc would come in my room everynight and wake me up just to tell me what an amazing girl he found and all the great qualities she had... and I remember the big night when he said "I am going to ask her to Marry me, any Ideas? It has to be way different and Crazy... I want to surprise her" It was the saddest thing, because as much as I loved Megan I was so scared I was losing my best friend. Who would I talk to about my decisions. The things I couldnt talk to anyone else about. (About what I was going to do when Max came home). Well it all worked out as you can see.
Because I married my Best friends Best Friend.
Every moment with all my brothers made me want to be a better person, to treat others better.

Life Lessons From my Brothers:

It doesnt matter who they are or what they look like,they are a person. And every person deserves a Smile

Treat everyone the same, always have a good time and in every conversation laugh atleast once

Movie nights are boring, go do something Crazy

Be who you are and not who others want you to be. Even if you were 500lbs, If your confident, everyone will love to be around you!

Anytime somebody starts to talk about someone, say something nice about the person and then make a joke and laugh. Even if its Dumb.

Girls that have good posture are 1,000 times better looking than those that Slouch.

Dress Modestly, how you dress portrays the type of person you are. Most guys motto - "If I can see it... I can touch it" So cover up every inch of that skin.

I love my brothers and am so grateful for the friendships I have made with them! I cant wait to see them this weekend and give them and their wives and kids big hugs! I cant believe we have kids now... where has time gone!
I Love my older brothers
I love all the years and I look forward to more!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

The Shabby Apple Competition!

Disclaimer- I'm not and Artist ... so put in your chic goggles here for a minute while I explain what i'm thinking...

What do you think
? This is my Entry for the Shabby Apple Dress Competition!
I hope I win!! Because I would love to own this dress! Because its about time someone made a modest dress for Long Torso'd people like myself and others I know! Right?
I want to make it in a lightweight breezy fabric like Rayon with Cotton and It will be forgiving And only hug the good places and be forgiving in the rest... With cute 3/4 rolled sleeves and a perfectly embellished addition of buttons, a slightly popped collar for statement(optional) Who wouldn't want this dress? Do you follow my thinking? Ha I have this image in my head... Does anyone else see it?

Inspired flapper... but I want it in a Cream or White or sp=ome spring color that makes ou think.... gosh that girl looks comfortable in that dress... and I want it Chic! Dolled up with some Pearls! Oh How I love Pearls...

Anyway besides me doing this contest... all you LDS girls out there in need of modest-wear... go check them out... You wont regret it... if nothing else... its just a little Eye candy Oh and they have Maternity!!!

The Shabby Apple