Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Sadie Lady and Sum

So ...we adopted a littel girl!
She is a chocolate lab...
and we names her Lexi...
but it sounded too much like Maxie

So She is Sadie!

She is great with max and we love her!
Thanks to Morgan Crozier for helping us find her!

a long awaited reunion for me.
I rode Hippy for the first time since before I was Prego!
So needless to say I was Exctatic and took the opportunity to put max on a horse for the first time and whats better, Marc and Donna came over so it was so much fun and a wonderful day! Words cant describe how much I have missed riding those animals! Plus its a good workout (no-mater how much max laughs at me for thinkin so). anyone who has done so much as a trot on a horse knows they feel it the next day! So yeah!

So its just playin and hanging out as usual over here at the Germaine House.
Max and I play Monopoly Deal atleast once a day and kinda count it as out "date" time! Love that game, so addicting! Fun things happening soon! That's to date! Check back soon for more fun!

- Max Amy & Maxie Jr

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  1. Umm...excuse me Mrs. Why isn't my name on your list of blog friends? I'll forgive you this time cause apparently you JUST found out I have one!