Sunday, February 7, 2010

The case of the Courtesy Laugh...

I love when my mom comes over to play... and its even better when she brings little Donna for Max to play with! We always have so much fun playing that Donna is in tears while leaving...
I thought we would capture this time!

There is a park about 4 houses down by my house with swing, slides, sand... *the works*. And even though Max can't fully appreciate the entire park... Im sure he would be completely satisfied to swing always and forever!!

The best part by far is that Max was having so much fun.. and screaming and laughing at grandma prettending she was going to tickle his feet... that Donna pulls out her Courtesy Laugh. Yes... She is what... like 18 Months Old and can Courtesy Laugh almost better than anyone I know ( Besides my Sister'n Law Ashley.... love you ash!! catch you everytime). So Donna Is busting out her whinny's and Chuckles... and it was fabulous. Made for good laughs which are the best with your mom.

I have discovered my mom to be my best girlfriend! And I know its true because When I went into my Frequent Calls List... she was at the top by a long shot... more than even Max! I love her... we talk several times a day and if I could make her go everywhere with my I would. She gives me strength tough love and everything that a best friend should give! So she is... THE BEST.

How freakin Cute! Now we just need Ryder and Lily... We miss them!! Have a wonderful week!

Amy and the Max's

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  1. mom is MINE this weekend! I CAN'T WAIT!!! YIPPY!!!!!!