Thursday, July 30, 2009

cOUsINS Are fUN!

Brad Ash, and Ryder boy came to visit! So we tried to snap a few shots...
anyone who has tried to take pictures with many infants knows how hard it is... so here is one of the best... no smiles, but atleast everyone is looking!! Sad new little Lily couldnt be here!

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Not Ed!!

Jillian! Ridiculous!!! Ed?! Either of the two other guys would have been better! Ahh No!  I loved Kiptyn! 
For the love...

All grown up!

Isnt it insane how all of the sudden were old enough to have kids! How amazing and fun that now our kids get to be friends!! Where has time gone? 

Its Utah!

There were two problems, big ones...
1. I missed Milo and Mandee
2. Little max and their little girl Lily had not met yet!

So I set out to fix these! Us Minus max.. who couldn't take work of..
sad we would miss him.

Originally the plan was

 for max and I to drive to my mom's hop in the car with tanner and james (dropping them of at EFY), My beautiful sister Brooke (checking out BYU campus before going up in the fall), and my dear mother who was willing to make the drive with a baby who hates his car seat and I. Hey what are grandma's for... 

I swear it is impossible for a grandparent to ever say know when it comes to spending time with a grandkid! We would stop through Vegas to visit Brad, Ash and Ryder in their new little place just to split the trip to two days, and because Ryder is so freakin cute you can not resist the opportunity to see him!
Anyway, that was the plan... then after being stuck in traffic on our way home from heber on fourth of July weekend... WOW... sO NOT dRIvING!!

So we purchased a flight and I was so nervous!! I did not want to be one of those moms that has a screaming baby the whole flight, but then I guess in my defence, you cant fly to or from Utah without expecting kids onboard am I right? 

The morning of , I was so nervous. Lets just say its a whole different way of traveling! Elevators to get everywhere and then at the gate if baby makes one little peep, people look at you like "hey you better be able to control that kid", give me a break! He is five months old!

The moment came, bottle in hand we started to take of...
He did so perfect! Did some flirting with the little girl next to us, then about 20 Min into the flight, he fell asleep and slept not only through flight and landing, but ALL THE WAY TO PROVO! It was so nice! Ah what a relief!
Mandee and Lily picked us up and it was so fun seeing her! She is beautiful! So much hair and so much personality! At a month and a half younger we had to watch max around her... she is petite like her mom... so he would clobber her! 
Anyway the trip was so fun! We went shopping, went to the pool, and did alot of the fun things girls just HAVE to do on trips! Im sure Mandee was exhausted, as any mom would be from being out of routine for a week! But they were so nice to let us come and we love them and their sweet little girl so much! Next time we see them is November... so much will change by then with these kids! Its insane how fast it goes but slow at the same time! 
The Cherry on top of the whole trip was  My max surpising us and waiting at  the baggage claim to come get us! I cried I was so surprised and excited to see him! My bestfriend that I missed that whole week! And seeing him miss his little boy, is just the most touching thing ever! Nobody got to hold him all night, Daddy had dibs and wasnt givin him up for anything!
I love my family and am so blessed to be surrounded by such love! So excited for ETERNITY! Its going to be the best!