Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Royalty in the family...

So what started in just a fun activity for a girl and some roomates turned out to be completely sureal and possibly.. life changing! 

Last weekend after the boutique of course :), all us
 Germaine's loaded in the car and headed on over to Thatcher Az. Home of not alot of people and not very known valleywide except those that have heard of Eastern Arizona University or have roots there. We headed off to go support Lynsee in he quest to become Miss Graham County and recieve a scholarship. Mostly she was doing it because it
 was going to be a neat expreience and heck.. why n
ot! But what was totally unexpected is that when me got there... this pageant stuff was the REAL DEAL! I always wondered where the Miss America girls started from! Well this is it!
 So after a fun night of cheering and watching some amazing girls share their passion for life Lynsee Germaine was crowned Miss Graham County! Amazing huh! All of us going thinking we know she could win.. but there are probably girls who are ALL ABOUT THE PAGEANTS who are going to be there... but that was no competition for her!

My Highlight of the evening was her answer to her misc question:

"Lynsee, if you could ask Pres. Obama one question, what would it be?"

Without even thinking twice Lynsee responded with...

"I would ask him,'What in the World are you thinking about health care!!!'" If you didnt know.. my father'n'law is a family physician. We have strong feelings on this subject!

Needless to mention the crown went nuts! Oh how I loved it! 

Then Sunday morning before takin off She and her roommates made us breakfast Yummy it was! And we got a family picture in front of Pres. Kimballs Hous
e! What a fun weekend! It is so amazing to be able to be so blessed to be able to just take off and go somewhere with all the family and have a good time. Alot of families dont ever have the opportunity to do that and I am truly grateful! Love you all! Hope all is well!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Searching for our new AMIGO!

I know its a little early.... BUT... im just too excited! Here's the plan! - 

Max and I decided in J-January it will be time to add a new friend to our CASA and our familia! And we know just who it will be... well sorta!!....

Isn't he so cute!  Have any of you seen the goodie flick Turner and HOOCH? It has been one of Max's desires for years to be the owner of a Dogue de Bordeaux AKA French Mastiff! They are such sweet dogs and are so adorable! I'm ecstatic! Hope to find you soon little Amigo