Sunday, April 11, 2010

The case of the Little Red Dots!

You heard it!
Max got the chicken Pox!

It all started... when I got home from Mexico and he had a temp. Then it went into a Rash which we believe to have been Rosiola.
Then the day that disappeared, little red dots started popping up!

So it was a BIG Welcome home mommy!!
Good thing I got some rest because there was none to be had for the 2 weeks after I got back. But I dont mind at all.... as far as bad goes... he was actually pretty happy. So here is a picture from the chicken pox... you cant see any.. but they are kinds gross looking anyway so this is a good one.

So happy to be over them!

On a happier note! I am so happy to come home and be greeted by the sunshine because it is doing such wonderful things for my garden! Not long now and we will be feasting like Organic Kings and Queens!

Err... okay I didnt plant enough for any full meals but mmm... I cant wait!
Here is whats growing in our garden...





Green Beans and Cucumbers as well!

Yay for things actually growing! Cant wait for next year!
Hopefully I can get a few more boxes done!

Monday, April 5, 2010

He's 1

So Max is 1 Finally!
So we let him dig in a sweet cake made by yours truly... if you couldn't tell and he got lots of presents from lots of people who love him + a sweet quad which he cant really steer yet but he loves to go on!!
I have heard the first year is hardest so I now look forward to a lot of fun more times with our little rascal.