Monday, September 21, 2009

Quick catch up..!

So I guess I should say what our family has been up to! Sorry I have been terrible at updating lately!!
So here it goes!

As of late... Max and I took that trip to thatcher with family which was a fun little get-a-way!

Max got together with some old friends and played a little football! I think guys miss highschool football more than they are willing to admit! Its so fun to see them get all excited and competitive again... Brings back memories!

I am LOVING being a mom! Max got his first tooth today! I knew right away... today when he bit me instead of just some slobber... mommy got a little razor! But who cares! My boy gots teeth! We danced around the family room for the next five minutes...

Oh what excites a mom! Good thing he wont remember how wierd we are with him now... Ha that is if we mature at all over the years! Too many fun moments.

And last but not least... every moment my little man closes his eyes... I take off to my craft room to take on my next crafters challenge! I watch for them everywhere and just cant get enough of how any things there are in the world to create! But I make too much stuff... Hence, - My 2nd love after my Family - Pepperblossom Decor!
I never knew I had such a passion for creating! I always loved scrapbooking and being surrounded by such a crafty family (new amazing projects almost every month, and an overload of them every family reunion) I couldnt help but become one of the Crafters!
So our next Open House is this Saturday (Sept 26th) and I am super excited because its the Holidays! I live for the Holidays!! I promise you If I was allowed to be carried away  with the decorations... you wouldnt see a baron wall in my house (tastefully done anyway)... but I have promised my husband I will not take after my loving mother who has a mini-storage deticated to her decorations... But hey I have a feeling this year I may get my hands on some!! (Love you Mom!) Anyway we have like 15 vendors this boutique and through october we will have around 30 different coming to participate a la mi Casa! Its so fun! So party at my house every weekend in October!

Anyway! We are living a blissful life! Trials come and go but they make all the good times even Better! Hope its not so long till my next entry! Ciao.