Monday, September 27, 2010

Favorite Moments For Forever..

Some photos require no explanation... tho to most they seem nothing special,
to me they are and probably will be forever some of my favorite photos ever taken.

moments like these (max wearing my shoes and puckering his lips) are what I think ill miss the most when he grows up... my sweet little boy who knows no better right now then to try and be like mommy.
Probably five min later he was outside rolling in the mud so I have no insecurities sharing this photo... but Shhh dont tell daddy :)

For not much longer it will be just the three of us and I can't wait to meet the adorable little boy who right now just settles for keeping me up nights doing flips in my tummy. I'm so excited to have two little brothers. I hope they play together love together and share everything. Altough at the same time im not sure how if I cant keep up with the energy of one, how ill be able to handle 2. Give me strength, because there is no backing out now!